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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On creating a character

Character creation is largely painless, thanks to a couple free tools on the interweb. Follow these simple steps to create a character:

  1. Create your character.

    1. Come up with an idea for your character. All characters in the Daylight campaign are members of the Gray Guard--one of the last vestiges of the Empire's fading military might. One-thousand strong, the Gray Guard are sent to keep the Empire's peace and to protect the Empire's dwindling borders. Being a member of the Gray Guard gives the characters a reason to work together, and common cause to fight for.

    2. Go to the free tinwatchman D&D 4e starting character generator.

    3. Enter a name for your character, and select your character's race, class and alignment.
      NOTE: For descriptions of races, classes, powers and feats, check out the demo of the Dungeons and Dragons Compendium (click on Click Here to Demo the Compendium once you get there).
      NOTE: Alignment doesn't mean what it used to, and has virtually no affect on game-play. I would suggest selecting "Unaligned."

    4. Assign scores to your character's abilities using the following standard array: 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, arranged in whatever order you like. Click Next.

    5. Select any Racial and Class Bonuses, and click Next.

    6. Select the your character's trained skills. Your character receives a +5 skill bonus to all checks involving skills they are trained in. Click Next.

    7. Select the one or more feats your character is entitled to. Click Next.

    8. Select your character's At-Will, Encounter and Daily powers. Click Next.

    9. Select your character's basic gear. If they've been out in the wilderness for a while, select the Add Standard Adventurer Kit check box. Remember that you only have 100 pieces of gold to spend. Click Next.

    10. Select the Break Up Sections check box, and then click the Copy Text to Clipboard button.

  2. Post your character.

    1. On the Rogue's Gallery page, select the New Post option from the blue header row at the top of the page.

    2. Type the character's name into the Title field.

    3. Paste the information on the clipboard in place of the section of the post that says [Character sheet goes here].

    4. Come up with a back story for your character, and type it in the Background section.

    5. Write a brief description of your character under Description.

    6. Click Publish Post.

  3. Create a Token for your character.

    1. Find a picture online somewhere you like that represents your character.

    2. Copy and paste that picture into MS Paint or a similar program.

    3. Run the TokenTool program. Make sure that both the TokenTool screen and the MS Paint image are showing on your screen.

    4. Select Tool > Screen Capture from the TokenTool menu.

    5. Use your mouse to move the red box over the picture of your character, and hit enter.

    6. Select a border for your character token from the dropdown list (I like the first ring, but whatever you like is fine).

    7. Select 64 for your token height and width.

    8. Using the mouse to drag it, and the <, >, << and >> buttons to resize it, center the desired portion of the character picture in the token ring.

    9. Select File > Save Token, and save the token to your computer.

    10. In your character post, click the photo icon.

    11. Browse to the saved token.

    12. Select the Right picture position radio button and the Small picture size radio button.

    13. Click Upload. The token will be added to your character post, and can be used to represent your character in play.

  4. Check back periodically for comments on your post that will let you know if your character is legal, offer suggestions for how you might fit in with the rest of the cast, and tell you when you can join in the fun.

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