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Friday, December 12, 2008

Camp Grumblings 2

I sense the hesitancy, or the mistrust of some of the group. Without drawing attention to myself, I make my way to the elven folk Soren and Nessim. Although I'm fully human, I'm hoping that they'll see the mark of an elf in my behavior--perhaps it seems odd that a human would display so many distinctive elven traits? Through eye contact and other non-verbal means, I bring the three of us together near the margins of the larger group. "This dwarf," I finally say, "will he be a problem for us?"


  1. Nice! This is already getting interesting. I like the use of the first person. I'll make sure to utilize it next time.

  2. I suggest we change our display names to match our character names like Belfrin did, to make it easy to identify who the poster is.

  3. It might be even more helpful to include your character name in the title of the post. This way it's apparent from the get-go.