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Friday, December 12, 2008

Camp Grumblings 4 (Soren)

Storm's Edge, with Gray Guard
New Moon.

Out under the stars I overheard others speak the name of a constellation unbeknown to me. Whether it is that I am now on the periphery of a land whose stars may be foreign to me, OR that the names for the arrangements of said stars is foreign, I have not yet surmised. Of both people and stars, new acquaintances. Bring hope to me. The new acquaintances, a man and man half-fey. The distinguished manner of each appealed to my curiosity and I spent a short time in discussing with them one whom they found to be stranger -- the dwarf. The long quarrel over petty circumstances, commodities, properties, etc that have so often contorted relations between the elves and their more well-earthened and roughly-faceted counterparts the dwarves will be forgotten upon the advent of battle -- may by the grace of Avandra it come not -- when we shall be all together facing our foes.

A parting entry for a time. I must conserve the ink which remains at my disposal, and dole out writing to myself as a rare pleasure in which to indulge. In the days to come I will devote these minutes before going to watch upon the wall to silent words not of ink, but of prayer.



  1. You totally beat me to the proverbial punch. I had to go and re-number my entry, and delete the "leering crescent moon" bit. Well done. So looking forward to this!

  2. Yeah this group can flat out write! yee haw!

  3. yes, I'm in charge of setting moon time!