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Friday, December 5, 2008

Current Circumstances

While there are 1000 members in the Gray Guard, your regiment numbers roughly 100. You have been sent to the Imperial state of Adhara as a peace-keeping force (as the Captain put it, Were being sent to make sure the slaughter doesnt degrade into lawlessness.), and to serve as a guard for the prelate of nearby Oathu who has come to witness the onoing tragedy first-hand. You are currently bivouacked in an old shell of a fortress known as Storms Edge, perched high on a hill above the rolling, forested hills of Adhara. There is a road that runs along the Owa river that the fortress overlooks. During the day, the road is patrolled by eladrin soldiers. At night, elven refugees scurry across the road furtively, walking the long and dangerous path toward asylum in the city of Ashansa many miles to the west.

There is a small farming town nearby named Winhava, currently occupied by eladrin soldiers. Some of the non-elven inhabitants have stayed behind and so some small amount of trade continues in the occupied town. The Guard isunder strict order not to provoke the eladrin forces there, and so there is an uneasy truth between the two groups.

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