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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soren Avándrálfar

Soren is tall for an elf, and has the stouter build of his human father's line showing through, with strength enough to bear the weight of his armor and heft of his shield and axe. Like his mother, Soren is dark, but the hue of his skin increasingly pales the longer the days and more numerous they become that his suit of plate stays on.

Background: Soren is half-elven, and a devotee of Avandra. Soren was raised among the elves, and grew up under the care of his mother and grandparents and other elven elders at a refuge and shrine to Avandra. Under the guidance of his grandmother, Soren learned the art and prayer of healing. Under the tutelage of his grandfather, Soren became a skillful guardian of the shrine. Under the force of his enemies blows, Soren became a well-weathered warrior in the battles to which he committed himself, seeking ever to observe the dictates of Avandra to "urge others to fight for their own liberty." At the urging of his grandfather, Soren has now assumed another task to fulfill in honor of the god of change Avandra's blessed ways -- to strike out and travel the world and follow the call of "the faithful to ensure that change is for the better."

Appearance: Soren is plated in armor that once belonged to his elven grandfather, and it is modest in appearance, though well-cared for by Soren, who regards it an heirloom and thus burnishes out the scratches and signs of oxidization during furloughs. The plate is unadorned except for a design of paling colors etched on the center of the breastplate: a heart made of red coral branches, turquoise scrolling waves, and yellow spiraling winds. Soren wears the sword Revmos on his back, and a battleaxe at his hip. The light shield, Iremilimnos he has recently begun to favor is most often slung over his shoulder when not in use. The heavy shield - looted from a slain adversary at whose hands Soren had expected to die after his own shield was destroyed - now hangs on his back, attached to the rucksack he carries. Behind the thin whitewash and gaudily bright, teal-colored wind-and-wave forms Soren painted over the shield, a demonic-looking, greenish-yellow eye - the design of its former owner - can still be seen.

See Powers of Soren

Level 2 Half Elf Paladin of Avandra

Initiative: +1
Senses: Perception +1; Low-Light
HP 35; Bloodied 17
AC: 20 w/ Iremilimnos, 21 w/ heavy shield; Fortitude 14; Reflex 14; Will 16
Healing Surges: 12 per day, recovers 7 hp.
Speed 5
Basic Attacks: melee +3; ranged +1 (2nd level)


Battleaxe +4 (+2 Proficiency, +1 STR bonus, +1 2nd lvl hit bonus)
= to hit: 1d20+4; damage: 1d10+1
= to hit: 1d20+4; damage: 1d10+4 with Enfeebling Strike

The Sword and Shield of Cerenthes:
Revmos (+1 Scimitar)
Property: You do not sink beneath the surface of any body of water (unless you choose to do so). You can move across the surface of still water as if it was normal solid terrain, and across running water as if it was difficult terrain.

Combat Notes:

+5 melee (+2 Proficiency, +1 STR bonus, +1 magical enhancement, +1 2nd lvl hit bonus)
= to hit: 1d20+5; damage: 1d8+2 Standard
= to hit: 1d20+8; damage 1d8+ 5 with Enfeebling Strike
= to hit: 1d20+5;
11+1d8+1d6 Critical Hit damage (13+1d8+1d6 w/ E. Strike)

Iremilimnos (light shield)
Power (Daily): Minor Action. One ally adjacent to you gains a +1 power bonus to AC until the end of the encounter.
Power (Daily): Standard Action. By holding Iremilimnos over a body of still water, the wielder can see an image of their enemies, reflected in the reflected surface of the shield. The images that appear are brief, but may give some clue as to the enemies' number and whereabouts. Iremilimnos only shows the largest and nearest group of known and declared enemies.

Level 1:
At-Will Powers: Enfeebling Strike, Bolstering Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands
Encounter Powers: Shielding Smite, Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle, Channel Divinity: Divine Strength, Eldritch Blast [Dilettante Power], Healing Word [Initiate of Faith: Cleric Multi-class]
Daily Powers: Paladin's Judgment
Level 2:
Daily Powers: Martyr's Blessing Utility Prayer

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Elven, Supernal
Skills: Acrobatics -1, Arcana +1, Athletics +1, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +7, Dungeoneering +2, Endurance* +6, Heal* +7, History +1, Insight +9, Intimidate* +10, Nature +2, Perception +2, Religion* +6, Stealth -1, Streetwise +5, Thievery -1.
*indicates trained skills

Abilities: Str 13 (+1); Dex 11 (+0); Con 14 (+2); Int 10 (+0); Wis 14 (+2); Cha 18 (+4)
Feats: Healing Hands, Initiate of the Faith (Cleric Multi-class)
Racial Abilities: Dilettante (Eldritch Blast), Dual Heritage, Group Diplomacy
Class Abilities: Channel Divinity, Divine Challenge, Lay on hands

Gear: Plate armor, Heavy shield, Iremilimnos (Light Shield), Revmos (Scimitar), Battleaxe, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, trail rations (10 days), hempen rope (50 ft.), sunrods (2), waterskin, 10 gp


  1. I"m digging it! Nice job creating the character MB. Although another Elf? Hunfrid is going to be pissed. hehe

  2. Thanks! I was initially considering the idea of making a Dragonborn Paladin, but I thought he'd look out of place with all the elves. What do you think? Should I have made him a Dragonborn? Dragonborn make very formidable Paladins I think, since they confer on the build an automatic +2 STR and +2 Charisma, which are useful for a Paladin. My Paladin is a Charisma-oriented build.

  3. I think the half-elf is just fine. Especially as early on you'll be dealing with elf-eladrin tensions. Besides, Nessim is actually half-eladrin. I should probably make him change that on his sheet.

  4. Hey BP, do you think I should switch out Soren's 14 STR for his 13 WIS score? Then I would be able to perform an additional Lay on Hands, right?

  5. I think you'll want the +2 bonus to hit with your basic melee attacks more for now. If that turns out not to be the case, bring it up again, and I'll let you switch.

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