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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rolling Dice Faster

Hey all, just wanted to pass along a sweet little time-saver I discovered.

If you go here, you can copy the Form Filler bookmark to your bookmark toolbox. Now, next time you go to Invisible Castle to roll some dice, once you have filled in all the fields, click the Form Filler bookmark, and it will create a new bookmark which you can use to fill out the dice-rolling form with the values you just entered. You can re-name the bookmark whatever you want, so for example, I have a nifty little bookmark on my toolbar called "Eladrin Soldier Attack." And whenever I go to roll for an eladrin, I just pull up the Invisible Castle Die Roller, and click Eladrin Soldier Attack, and all the fields get populated, and I can just click Roll Dice and slaughter PCs to my heart's content.

One caveat: it only works in FireFox.

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