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Friday, March 27, 2009


An elf, haggard and pale, his eyes set deep in their sockets, a ragged scar extending across his cheek. Adrastus was rescued from an eladrin raid by members of the Gray Guard. His wife and daughters were killed in an eladrin attack. Adrastus is now being held captive by the eladrin in the village of Winhava.


A seller of peppers, she grew them north of Winhava. Delphina was killed by an elven arrow.


A leader of eladrin raiding parties, killed by members of the Gray Guard.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meditative trance (Mira)

OOC: Mira only needs to enter a meditative trance for 4 hours to be fully rested. Can she rest before the stakeout and keep watch during the night?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Skill Challenges

Here are the rules for skill challenges. If these rules seem to work, we'll stick with them. If they need tweaking, we'll tweak. If they need abandoning, we will do so with nary a backwards glance.
  • As a group, you need to roll x successful skill checks before you roll y failures. This is normally written x/y, as in 6/3, or 5/2, or 27/201 (for something that might be going on over years), or 4/1 for something really harrowing.

  • You can only make one skill check per post.

  • You decide what skill you are using, and write your post to describe what your character is doing, and the success (or failure) of the skill check—be sure to include your roll in your post!

  • Feel free to embellish as much or as little as you want. This is a chance for you to add to the setting and story.

  • You can’t attempt the same skill more than once in a single skill challenge.

  • You can’t take 10 on your skill check.

  • You can’t repeat another character’s action. For example, if Belfrin rolls an Athletics check in an attempt to summon an extra burst of foot-speed and close the distance between him and his quarry, you can’t attempt an Athletics check to run faster. You could attempt an Athletics check to leap over a low wall and try to cut the fleeing party off.

  • Target numbers will be roughly based upon whether or not the task could be done by someone of average, non-heroic ability. If half the able-bodied adults in the world could manage the feat if they had to, that’s a target number of 10. If only a quarter of the population could manage it, that’s a 15. If only one person in a hundred could pull it off, that’s a 20. Chances are, it will be obvious if you succeed or fail. If it’s either a marginal success or barely a failure, get creative with your description.

  • Depending on the situation, you might be able to use a power or other ability instead of a skill check. Get creative!

  • It’s first come first serve, so if you post an action, and wait a day and nobody else has done anything, feel free to post again.

  • I’ll let you know whether your action counts as a success or failure in the comments.