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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maybe a feat for H?

Staff Fighting

Heroic Tier
Prerequisite: Wis 13, proficient with a quarterstaff
Benefit: You can treat the quarterstaff as a double weapon. As a double weapon, the staff deals 1d8/1d8 damage and gains the defensive and off-hand properties.

First published in Dragon Magazine 368.


  1. BP what do you think of this feat? I"m also considering two other feats that fits with H's background: Burning Blizard and Wintertouched. Both those make perfect sense.

  2. ooh, I think there's good reason to think that after Hunfrid's recent ice cave escapades, that he's emerged with some more ice-powers.

  3. oh yes i'm thinking Burning Blizzard is the best choice. He gets a +1 damage to any spell with the cold keyword.

  4. the staff fighting i was thinking rounds out his merc background a bit.

  5. The Defensive property is nice, but the Off-hand property is only helpful if you have a power that can take advantage of holding two weapons. SO it sort of feels like you are only getting half a feat.

    Burning Blizzard is a nice frequent bonus, though in general, bonuses to defenses or attacks are worth more than bonuses to damage.

    Wintertouched requires targets that are vulnerable to cold, so it won't be useful as often.

    I'd say either one of the first two is fine, or, if you really want to have learned something from the last encounter, how about:

    Gold Dwarf Pride

    Heroic Tier
    Prerequisite: Dwarf
    Benefit: If you are reduced to 0 hit points or fewer and return to consciousness in the same encounter, you gain a +1 bonus to AC and attack rolls until the end of the encounter.

    Slightly more seriously, I like this one:

    Rune-Scribed Soul

    Heroic Tier
    Prerequisite: Dwarf, any arcane class
    Benefit: When you use your second wind, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and a bonus to damage equal to your Constitution modifier with arcane powers you use before the end of your turn.