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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Soldiers of the Gray Guard

At full strength, the Gray Guard currently numbers around 1,000 soldiers. Of those, roughly 800 are infantry or irregulars, and 200 cavalry. The Guard is currently split into ten companies, each led by a lieutenant. The Lieutenant has organized his company into ten squads of infantry and two squadrons of cavalry, each led by a sergeant. Squad sizes vary widely depending on efficacy and assigned duties.

Standard issue to a soldier of the Gray Guard is a suit of studded leather armor, a longsword and light shield, a light crossbow, and the ubiquitous gray cloak. Being professional and career soldiers, arms and armor are supplemented on an individual and often eclectic basis with gear purchased or plundered.

Soldiers posted at Storm's Edge (3rd Company)

Belfrin Balfore, a human sergeant, away on special assignment
Hunfrid Marr, dwarven soldier and pagobolicist
Mira Miles, eladrin soldier and scout
Nessim, half-eladrin soldier and scout
Soren, half-elven soldier and Avandran martyricist

Kade, formerly of Neverone
Old One-eye, an old soldier, always cold

Fife, an old scout with a gap-tooth grin

The Lieutenant
Savve, Akani quartermaster and cook

Heckett, a soldier with a gambling problem
Spit, a soldier short of stature
Callandan, deceased
Strong Hein
Gravy, deceased
Scritch, deceased
Talker, a sergeant of few words
Neberun, a guard of limited imagination

Cutter, soldier and medic
Stench, soldier and medic

Soldiers posted elsewhere:
The Commander
Unicorn, a T'Faln soldier and scout


  1. This is great. I like your term for Tieflings, or at least that's what I'm assuming it is - T'Faln?

    I know what a martyricist is, but what's a pagobolicist?

  2. Pago=ice, bolo=throw. Roughly anyway.